Screen Printing Information

Screen Printing is the process used to print designs on t-shirts. We print what are referred to as spot colors. The image to the right shows the process used to print a one color design.

We are able to print designs with up to four colors. To do this, four screens (one for each color) would need to be prepared. The screens would then need to be aligned on the press so that each color fits with the others. The images below show a four color print.

All of this is referred to as "set up". We do not charge set up fees, but we do require a minimum order of 12 pieces per design to help offset the time and expense involved in set up. The shirt price increases with each additional color in the design. We may charge an art fee for orders of less than 36 pieces. The Art Fee starts at $10 and may be more. The exact fee will be given up front before you commit.

We generally do not print on customer provided items.

Process Required for a One Color Print

Photos of a Four Color Print using Tan, Red, Blue, and Black Ink

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