Embroidery Information

Embroidery is often used to give a more upscale look than screen printing. We often use the decoration method on Collared Sport Shirts, Dress Shirts, Jackets, Caps, etc. It is usually not done on t-shirts. We are able to embroider on most customer provided items. If you provide the garment, you will only pay the embroidery costs.

At Frisch Screen Printing we use a Brother PR 600 embroidery machine. We can embroider designs with one to six colors. Our most popular and affordable embroidery is the left chest design. These are 4" or less in both dimensions and meet the needs of most of our customers.

We are able to embroider other sizes. Below are the sizes of our hoops with a range of prices for each size. It should be noted that size is only one factor in the price of embroidery. Some designs are more complex and require more time to stitch. These designs may cost more to embroider.

Brother PR-600
Embroidery Machine

Embroidery designs must be created in a file type that the machine can read. For this reason, all designs must be
Digitized. This means that the design is re-created in a file which tells the machine such factors as color order, stitch type, stitch direction and density, etc. We charge a Digitizing Fee based on the size and complexity of the design. This is why we need to see your actual design, or know what you want in the design before we can give a bid. Digitizing fees start at $10. We always tell you exactly what the digitizing fee will be before you commit.











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