Ordering Guide

1. Determine what type of garment, cap or bag you want. Find the items either at Sample Prices page or one of our Catalogs. Note the style number, color, and quantity you want.

2. Determine what decoration you want. This can be screen printing or embroidery. If you are providing the design, we need to see it to determine if we can print or stitch it. This can usually be done through e-mail. (Convert the file to a .jpg.) We can also produce designs if needed.

3. Contact us and we will give a firm quote for the job. We can also answer any questions you may have. Our standard time for order completion is two weeks. In most cases, we can complete a job in less than two weeks. If you have a deadline, we will let you know if we can meet it before you commit to the job.

4. Determine exactly what sizes you need to order. We will be happy to direct you to size charts for the items found in our catalog. This will help you avoid ordering the wrong size.

5. For Screen Printed items, our minimum order is 12 items per design. You may mix sizes, styles, and colors as long as they all are printed with exactly the same design. (We do not screenprint on customer provided items.)

6. For Embroidered items when the garments are provided by us, the minimum is also 12 items per design. We do embroider on customer provided items. In this case their is no minimum.

7. Place your order and arrange payment terms. For individuals, we require a 50% downpayment, and a 50% payment upon completion of the work. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Check or cash. If you represent a school or business, we can often work with a Purchase Order. We are not able to accept any payment schedule beyond 15 days. Payment terms must be arranged before the work is done.

8. Returns and Re-orders have the following guidelines.
After receipt of your orginal order, you may decide to order more items. Re-orders must have a minimum quantity of 12 items. In order to receive the same pricing, any re-order must be done within thirty days of the receipt of your original order. After 30 days, the minimum order quantity is still 12 items, but the price will be based on the quantity ordered.

All of the items we sell are custom decorated for each individual customer. Due to this, we cannot accept any returns except in the case of defective product. (Defects do not include ordering the wrong size.)
Local Phone: 719-392-3363; Toll Free: 866-392-3363; Email: markfrisch@juno.com